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A New Look at Calligraphy – Alpha to Abstract

The course begins with learning the basics of the Foundational Hand, examining its structure and placing it in its historical context. We follow its evolution into becoming the Italic Script, studying a couple of variations of this versatile style. With structural knowledge as our foundation, we can then free up. A series of exercises aimed at gestural marks and use of various tools will encourage your letters to dance. With these new lines and textures we will compose a piece of contemporary lettering.

Roman Capitals – From Form to Freedom

In this course students will be introduced to Roman Inscriptional Capitals, their longevity and influence on type design. Students will practice a simpler version of Roman Capitals, their proportions and spacing. Next a more hand friendly style will be explored. To create dynamic compositions, students will look at some contemporary methods to make letters dance. Letter towers will be structured and executed.

Variations in Italic – the Calligraphic Chameleon

This course examines the many variations of Italic. Students will discover the many choices one has at their finger tips to achieve a range of looks to accommodate most lettering projects. Italic can be as formal as Foundational or as informal as handwriting. It can be light and airy or dense and somber, flourished and ornately decorative or plain and simple. Pushed to the wildly gestural it can become abstract art.

Gothic – From Cathedrals to Graffiti

In this workshop students will be introduced to the Gothic hands. An historical overview of this group of lettering styles will give students context for modernizing the style. Students will have an opportunity to create a word pattern suitable for tattooing or graffiti branding.

Power of Colour

This workshop will help the student understand colour. We will begin with the basics: double primary colour wheel, shades, tones and colour mixing. Exercises in colour application as background or used with a calligraphic tool, this course will inspire students to use colour effectively adding a dynamic quality to their work.

Copperplate – The Elegant Hand

Copperplate, unlike other Calligraphic hands is executed with a pointed nib. Pressure and release form the thick and thins of the letters. The use of the pointed pen lends itself to flourishing giving this style a very decorative look. Students will learn to handle the pointed pen and in particular manage executing the challenging capital letters. Particularly useful for menus, invitations, letter writing and place cards copperplate offers an elegant choice in the calligraphic repertoire.

Tattoo Type

In this course students will practice brush scripts that they can then apply to designing their own tattoo design.

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